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Employee Social Recognition Tools

CSISTARS game-changing employee recognition tools turn your Service Award program into a powerful platform that touches ALL employees, even millennials, who let’s face it, are hard to keep for 5+ years!

Manager Interface

Employee Interface

Device Optimised

Device Optimized

Our peer-to-peer tools encourage employees and managers to:

  • Send and receive thanks
  • Recognize behaviors aligned with core values
  • Publicly promote great work across the company

Engage and empower ALL your employees with our social recognition dashboard:

  • Promote how your organization and employees are making a difference
  • Showcase employee success stories and client testimonials
  • Recognize progress towards goals and company wins

Welcome new hires and encourage peers to introduce themselves and send a friendly greeting, regardless of where they are located in the company

Celebrate and share ALL employee anniversaries and birthdays

Celebrating 15 years
Show you care by recognizing special occasions and allowing colleagues to post and view congratulations

Pulse -Surveys

Use Pulse Surveys to check-in with your teams. No need for expensive third party tools.

  • Solicit ideas and feedback
  • Gauge employee engagement and morale
  • Poll teams easily and more frequently

Check out more of our personalized ways to recognize others

Recognition Awards

For more information, download our Service Awards for a Millennial-Driven World