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Strong Communications Tools and Support

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Create an exceptional service experience every time

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CSISTARS Recognition Coach℠ provides interactive tools and resources to help managers give specific feedback that motivates and reinforces positive behaviors and actions

Communicate expectations, goals and accomplishments on a public dashboard so everyone can share in the celebrations

Build an “A” team, improve retention and create a more fun and positive place to work and play!

Communications that make every employee feel exceptional

Our friendly email reminders and support tools ensure participation and energy for the program across the company, including:

  • Manager email notifications of upcoming milestones and events
  • Employee email reminders – a great way of promoting the program, conveying company information or simply reminding a recipient to place an order
  • e-Training for managers
  • e-Survey and real-time results
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Participants can select
from stock certificates, or from
customized certificates developed
by the client corporately

birthday cupcakes

B-day Award

Custom communication delivered
to employee on birthday with
a points award deposited
directly into account

personalized recognition certificates

Recognition Certificates

Reinforce employees success at the
right moment with personalized
certificates that are easy to create
and send electronically

Celebrate ALL anniversaries, birthdays and smaller contributions that sometimes go unnoticed. Public recognition from a manager is extremely motivating and easy to do.

CSISTARS in-house graphics team assists (at no charge) with all your communication materials including announcement posters, payroll stuffers and tent cards.

custom announcement posters

announcement posters

sample custom tent card

Tent cards

A Service Anniversary program celebrates your employees contributions, instills a sense of company pride and improves workplace culture. We work hand in hand with you in building awareness and promoting this special company-wide program stuffers and tent cards.

It’s easy to recognize
employees every day with