Ethan Daniels

Boy of the Year

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Ethan - Boy of the Year

Boy of the Year

Ethan was diagnosed with b-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma at 11 years old. He quickly started treatment, beginning with a surgery to insert his port for chemotherapy and the toughest 10 months of his life followed. At his lowest, he spent 28 nights in the hospital followed by 53 days at the clinic to receive treatment. Ethan endured 3 bone morrow biopsies, 14 lumbar punctures, 2 blood transfusions, 62 chemo shots in his legs and stomach, 36 chemo infusions, and over 200 chemo pills. He has lost his hair twice, has numbness in his hands and feet and very brittle bones resulting from the harsh treatments. He will continue monthly treatment until July 2020.

Despite all of this, Ethan has dedicated the rest of his cancer journey to giving back!

Ethan is an advocate for childhood cancer patients across the country, volunteering his time and story to spread awareness and raise funds. He is an aspiring actor, loves to swim and play baseball, as well as makes an incredible grilled cheese sandwich.

Ethan and Bert Johnson

On Sunday, June 2nd, National Cancer Survivors Day, Ethan hit a few dingers over CSI STARS sales partner and LLS Man of the Year candidate Bert Johnson’s head at a FUNdraising event. Give Ethan and Bert a big thumbs up for their countless hours working on the LLS 2019 Man and Woman of the Year campaign.


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