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How would you rate your Onboarding Program?

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How Would You Rate Your Onboarding Program?

Only 12% of employees give their organization top marks

Only 12% of employees give their organization top marks

It’s never been easier to find a job or harder to keep top talent.

According to Gallup’s 2017 State of the Workplace study:

  • 42% of employees feel it’s a good time to look for work, compared to only 19% in 2012
  • 51% of employees are actively watching for job opportunities
  • 35% of people have changed jobs within the last three years, and 91% of employees left their company to do so

Couple these stats with Bersin by Deloitte’s recent research showing 14% of new employees leave within the first 12 months and your recruiting dollars, turnover costs and training investment start piling up. Not to mention the impact it has on customers, other employees and overall business performance.

So how do you create a workplace new employees want to be a part of – long term?

It starts with the initial impression candidates have of your organization from the recruiters, to the interviewers in the hiring process and most importantly to the employee experience during the first 12 months on the job. According to Gallup, only 12% of employees feel their organization does a great job of onboarding.

A successful onboarding program is critical but too often overlooked. Employees want to be in roles where they can do what they do best and they want to be proud of the organization they work for. This requires ongoing efforts and a plan. An onboarding program cannot end on the Friday of the employee’s first week. It needs to be structured with touch points that allow management to support employees, solicit their feedback and recognize efforts throughout the first year.

Organizations spend huge amounts of money building their external brand and customer sales strategies. Companies can take the same approach and focus on their internal brand by investing in employee retention strategies. The result? Less turnover, improved productivity and a more positive place to work.

CSISTARS Onboarding program supports managers with a structured communication and reward program. These regular touch points ward off dissatisfaction and identify any intention to leave – before it is too late.

CSISTARS Onboarding Program:

  • Communicates Expectations as the new employee and their manager are engaged together in the process allowing for better accountability and real time metrics
  • Captures New Employee Impressions during the critical first 60 and 180 days highlighting employee perceptions and expectations
  • Improves your Internal Brand as we help you transform employees into brand ambassadors through program suggestions and branded recognition items
  • Encourages Social Interaction since employees feel supported and see company appreciating their value and contributions

A structured onboarding program can give your organization a competitive advantage, improving recruiting, retention and productivity – measurably.

CSISTARS helps organizations walk the talk. Our recognition experts can clearly and authentically help you communicate your employee value proposition and give you the tools to ensure expectations are being met or shortfalls identified, before it is too late.

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Author: Lori McKnight

Lori McKnight
Lori is the VP of Recognition for CSI International Inc. She has a MBA with a minor in Human Resources, is a Certified Recognition Professional and member of the SHRM blog squad. Prior to joining CSI STARS, she worked at Mercer Human Resource Consulting and Youthography, a youth market research agency. Connect with CSI STARS on LinkedIn to learn how we cultivate a workforce that loves coming to work.