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How to create a culture that supports positive mental health

In Recognition and Engagement by Lori McKnight

With mental health week upon us, now is a great time to talk about the importance of good mental health in the workplace and how to foster it through meaningful recognition programs.

So how do you create a culture that supports positive mental health in the workplace?

Simple: Recognize employees by thanking them!

Recognition makes employees feel valued and supported. Remember it’s not always about providing monetary rewards – 70% of your recognition should be non-monetary.

Thank yous reinforce the core values of your company, show personal appreciation and make employees feel they are making a difference.

Electronic thank yous can be saved on CSISTARS recognition platform so managers and colleagues can send immediate thanks at the right time. Managers can also quickly see the behaviors peers are praising – a helpful tool for feedback discussions and service presentations as this creates a storybook of work accomplishments and well-earned credits.

Recognize now!! Take a minute to thank a team member

Thanking others not only supports the recipient’s positive mental health but the sender’s as well. Study after study has shown that the brain’s “pleasure circuits” are activated by the act of doing something for others and that makes the sender feel great too.

You are Stellar

In honor of Canadian Mental Health Week, why not take a moment to send a thank you to a co-worker?

Both of you will benefit from this simple thoughtful act and a culture of wellness will grow organically through your actions. Pay it forward by starting the chain reaction of thank yous! After all, positive mental health doesn’t just happen. It has to be nurtured.

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Author: Laura Barker

Laura Barker
Laura Barker handles CSISTARS program implementations. With over 20 years of corporate HR experience she’s thrilled to share her knowledge from the other side of the table – designing tailored recognition, wellness, health and safety programs for our clients that truly make a difference