10 ways to keep employees engaged in 2020

10 ways to keep employees engaged in 2020

In Recognition and Engagement by Lori McKnight

Even great managers can use a little inspiration and a few good ideas to engage, motivate and retain an all-star team.

Here are 10 proven ways of fostering engagement in your workplace.

1. Encourage and Use Employee Input

10 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

Canada Colors and Chemicals (CCC), a chemical, plastic and ingredient solutions provider asked CSISTARS to help them re-vamp their Workplace Safety program. In addition to reducing the number of safety-related incidents and increasing near miss reporting, the program encourages employees to suggest improvements that impact their job, their business unit and the company’s success. Management reviews every suggestion and rewards employees for their feedback.

The Result? Fewer accidents, improved communication across multiple sites and a stronger culture shaped by everyone’s concern for safety and process improvement.

2. Offer Training and Development Options

In today’s workplace, training and development doesn’t necessarily mean expensive conferences or training programs.

If your budget is modest, training can come in the form of giving employees time to pursue an on-line course and bringing in motivational speakers/industry experts to discuss topics of personal or professional interest. Staying on top of industry trends is good for you, your employees and the business.

10 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

3. Publicly Recognize Success

Share testimonials and feedback from customers, suppliers and partners with your staff. These stories show employees how their work is making a difference and creates a sense of purpose.

CSISTARS makes showcasing positive customer experiences and team wins simple and effective through company news streams, leaderboards and social sharing tools.

10 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

4. Target Stress

Increasing competition, 24/7 accessibility and the fast pace of change puts an incredible amount of stress on employees.

Wellness programs can target one of the biggest engagement obstacles – stress.

Wellness programs signal to employees the company cares and has a joint interest in their health and well-being.

10 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

Help reduce pressure by encouraging employees to take more frequent “stress” breaks, bringing in speakers who can assist with stress management techniques, getting to know staff on a personal level and encouraging an open dialogue. Today’s HR technologies, including the CSISTARS platform, makes promoting and communicating wellness initiatives much easier.

5. Promote Work Life Balance

Show you genuinely care about your staff by being flexible and understanding of their priorities and commitments outside of the office. Allowing staff to work from home if a child is sick, letting employee pop out of office to watch a child’s sports game or to take a parent to a doctor’s appointment, all contribute to a more loyal and happy workforce.

6. Encourage Peers to Thank Each Other

10 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

Promote a sense of teamwork by encouraging your staff to recognize peers. HR technologies like CSISTARS have amazing tools for Peer to Peer Recognition and Performance Nominations. These initiatives improve morale and make for a more fun and supportive environment. People like to work with people they like. Cultivate this!

7. Hone your Employees’ Strengths

Show employees you trust their abilities and judgment. Identify your employees’ strengths and give them opportunities to shine. This doesn’t mean assigning more tasks. It includes things like asking them to lead a team meeting or facilitating a planning or brainstorming session. Give staff assignments they can be proud of and be seen as an important part of the company/team’s success.

8. Recognize Birthdays and Service Anniversaries

Never miss an important milestone or birthday again!

Today’s HR tools make it easy for managers to recognize their staff’s special days. Automated notifications and personalized messaging simplify the process.

These efforts show employees you care and value them.

10 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

9. Kick Off the Week with some #MondayMotivation

CSISTARS posts an inspiring #MondayMotivation message on LinkedIN. Follow us and spread the positive energy.

10 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

10. Create more FUN in the Office

Great places to work have energy and a positive vibe you feel immediately upon entering. The opposite is also true.

Managers have an incredible influence on culture and workplace happiness.

Bringing a positive attitude, showing genuine concern and prioritizing activities that build trust and teamwork will result in a happier, more productive and engaged workforce.

10 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

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Author: Lori McKnight

Lori McKnight
Lori is the VP of Recognition for CSI International Inc. She has a MBA with a minor in Human Resources, is a Certified Recognition Professional and member of the SHRM blog squad. Prior to joining CSI STARS, she worked at Mercer Human Resource Consulting and Youthography, a youth market research agency. Connect with CSI STARS on LinkedIn to learn how we cultivate a workforce that loves coming to work.