13 Reasons to Say Thank You With Food

13 Reasons to Say Thank You With Food

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13 Reasons to Say Thank You With Food

There are many ways to show appreciation. Cooking is one simple and meaningful way to nurture both the body and brain. In a recent article from Huffington Post, Julie R. Thomson wrote about the Psychological Benefits Of Cooking For Others. Cooking for others is a form of altruism which can make people happy and feel connected.

According to Matthew Riccio, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, participating in an activity like cooking can help to:

  1. Encourage a sense of trust
  2. Build community
  3. Give sense of meaning
  4. Provide purpose
  5. Foster belonging
  6. Enhance closeness
  7. Promote intimacy
  8. Increase happiness
  9. Decrease depression
  10. Provide a greater/more positive overall sense of wellbeing
  11. Support a healthier lifestyle
  12. Boost energy levels
  13. Show thanks and appreciation

If done with the proper allotment of time cooking can be a practice in mindfulness. The process, the smells, the tastes can be therapeutic and can even relive memories from childhood.

Next time you want to do something to acknowledge the efforts of a co-worker, show your appreciation to a friend or help someone in need – cook them a meal! A meal made from real food can boost energy and wellness. Cooking a meal is a gift for others. Not having to think about what to make for dinner is the most thoughtful thing you can do for a busy professional or someone dealing with a stressful situation.

Popular recipes

Inspired to whip up some food for your soul or others?

Follow these preparation tips to make the most of your time:

  • Pick a recipe you are familiar with – tried and true, something that can be made ahead of time and reheated
  • Print out your grocery list so you are organized for your shopping
  • Give yourself a 2 hour time slot to focus, give attention and enjoy
  • Think about how you will package up the food – it can be helpful to keep take-out containers, jars, foil trays so no one has to return your dishes
  • Consider doubling the recipe so you have food for yourself as well
  • Start with a clean kitchen – wash and put away any clean dishes from the sink or dishwasher
  • Get out all the ingredients and equipment before you start
  • Add the final touch – give your recipient a copy of the recipe with a note of instructions for reheating

Need more inspiration? Check out the recipes on my site which can all be made ahead, are family tested, approved and rated by others. The-Sticky-Kitchen.com

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Author: Alison Cooper, CSI STARS Guest Blogger

Alison | the-sticky-kitchen.comAlison is a passionate amateur cook and a naturally gifted teacher who has spent years creating, testing and perfecting her recipes with kids, cooking clubs and her own family of 5. The Sticky Kitchen is Alison’s refreshing take on reducing our reliance on take-out and processed foods and inspires cooking more in the kitchen. Delicious recipes are coupled with meal plans that foster cooking together with others, which makes cooking fun, promotes staying connected with friends and loved ones, and invites children to participate in making meals. Alison has an HBA and MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and is currently living in Denver.