The Millennial Mentality

This headspace will drive employee engagement

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The Millennial Mentality

A headspace that drives employee engagement

People are quick to categorize millennials as needy, constantly seeking approval and wanting immediate recognition.

Recognition doesn’t have an age

Everyone likes being told “you’re doing a great job”, “thank you for the presentation!” or “you’ve excelled in training that’s really going to benefit us.” And guess how much this costs? Nothing!

It feels good giving recognition, it’s a great feeling receiving positive feedback and everyone just seems to have an extra kick in their step when they feel valued.

The Millennial Mentality

Embrace a “millennial” mentality of real recognition and you will see group morale go up. More recognition leads to engagement, engagement leads to employee retention and obviously that leads to more business. Cha-ching!

So, as a Millennial, here are 3 simple ways you can cultivate a Millennial mentality that will improve employee engagement.

  1. Be available. Your door may be open but do you really want your direct reports to stop by? How are you opening your door for remote employees?Do you respond to your employees emails at the end of the day? Are you keeping staff challenged or busy with “little tasks”? Are you showing that you understand their struggles and doing your best to support? The first step to improving engagement, is to be engaged and available yourself.
  2. Check in weekly. One-on-one, no emails, no calls, no rushed lunches or skype video chats. Physical face to face conversations will build trust, rapport, and long term engagement leading to longer employee retention. Grab a weekly coffee and chat… show you care and let the relationship develop naturally.
  3. Have your employee’s back. If you show confidence in your employees, even in the moments when they seem to misunderstand, struggle, or even make big mistakes, they will learn to take responsibility and be accountable. If you are clear, consistent and supportive, you will have a positive, value-worthy and engaged employee. Have their backs and they will have yours.

Managing others is not easy but exceptional people create extraordinary companies. Recruiting and retaining talented, engaged employees is the secret ingredient that drives a positive culture, your career and growth.

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Author: Mena Abdou

Mena AbdouMena has a Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts from the University of Waterloo. Her passion for strategy and love of implementing programs has lead to various training and leadership roles. Mena strives to create solutions that integrate design and business through user research and innovative technologies. She’s currently an Implementation Project Coordinator for CSI STARS.