Positive Culture = Engaged Employees = Happy Customers

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World Culture Day

Do one thing for Diversity and Inclusion

May 21st is the day set aside every year to encourage workplaces and communities around the world to learn more about different cultures so we can “live better” together. I spoke with John Bardawill, Managing Director of TMG International. TMG specializes in optimizing the customer experience through a focus on implementation.

One simple thing you can do

John suggests one great way to acknowledge and celebrate diversity is to hold a Culture Day in your office. Most companies these days have employees from all over the world. Hold a day to recognize and teach others about their traditions.

Here’s an easy way to get started:

  1. Identify all the cultures in the company
  2. Plan a potluck lunch
  3. Encourage people of that culture to dress in their native dress or sports team, bring in food for all to try and have a music playlist representing songs from each culture.

Understanding different cultures not only enhances your workplace but helps you understand interesting aspects of your customers heritage better. Great talking points for your sales and service teams.

Other Culture Boosters

Here are 3 internal culture boosters to improve inclusivity, morale and your bottom line.

1. Spike Days

Some businesses due to seasonality or other reasons have periods of high volume. Often employees will try and book off more time during these high stress days, making for fewer hands to manage the work. On days historically known to be busy (think Black Friday, Cyber Monday), make these spike days more fun by creating contests, order in food, have executives on the floor pitching in, bring in a special guest or mascot. You get the picture. Experience shows these are days employees won’t want to miss.

2. Goodwill Gestures

Many employees quit a company and then regret it. Identify the top performers when they leave and send a personal letter a few weeks later wishing them well in their new job. Let them know if they ever want to come back they would be welcomed.

3. Track Training

Training is one of the top three motivators cited by Millennials and GenXers. Instead of thinking about training as a one-off, create a theme such as a race track with all the training desired and achieved visible on a large wall, intranet or recognition site. As people complete courses they earn points or receive awards/prizes, etc. This visible board allows managers to see employees’ goals, accomplishments and skills acquired.

For many employees, climbing a career ladder is secondary to developing their strengths, learning new technologies and cultivating management skills. Lattice learning can actually be much more motivating.

“An organization’s culture is fundamental to creating not just a positive attitude within an organization but is foundational to building a strong Customer Experience for one’s customers. Organizations that excel at strong employee engagement, typically have the highest customer experience success”.

John Bardawill

John Bardawill is the Managing Director of TMG International, where he helps clients translate marketing, customer experience and change initiatives into meaningful action across their organizations.

John is the Chairperson of the Canadian Marketing Association’s Customer Experience Council and is on the Board of Directors of the Child Development Institute. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs including City TV, Global Morning show, CBC’s Go Public as well as radio stations such as CFTR 680, CJAD 800, and 1010 talk radio.

He has spoken at numerous industry events and educational institutions, including Columbia University, and is the author of numerous articles for a variety of industry publications. John holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Western Ontario.