These pranksters turned parking tickets into a reason to smile and pay it forward.

A Parking Ticket Meant to Make You Smile

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a strange parking ticket

A Parking Ticket Meant to Make You Smile

Hikers Zohar Berlyand and Erica Bota along with 30 of their friends handed out 500 feel-good parking citations across Toronto recently.

The tickets for random acts of recognition like “fantastic parallel parking” were written by officer “B. Loblaw,” a reference to the “Arrested Development” character. One clue that the tickets were fakes listed the car’s license plate number as, “DA6IX” and “Make,” of car as “your day :)”

Near the bottom of the ticket was an inspirational message:
“Some days just suck, don’t they? Some days suck, and then you get a parking ticket. Today isn’t that day. Today is a good day.”

One recipient of the positive parking ticket said: “it ended up giving you a really nice day when you thought you were going to be the crankiest person in Toronto”.

A thumbs up to Zohar, Erica and friends for making people (with a sense of humour) smile!


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