Shout-out Boards

Shout-out Boards

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The key to engaging your summer employees

Calling all employers who want to foster a positive work environment this summer…here’s a tool for you!

I’ve seen young people struggle to find, and keep, that perfect summer job. I’ve been fortunate, to the envy of my friends, to land and stay with the same great company for the past few summers. This seasonal company employs inexperienced, young people who return year after year because of two things we’re all were looking for in a job… a fun culture and recognition for our efforts.

So…how can you inspire young people to bring their A-game to work every day, all summer long?

Try using Shout-out Boards

Pedalheads provides swimming, biking and sport camps to kids all summer long across Canada and several US states. They utilize a fantastic, easy to execute tool that promotes employee recognition, called “Shout-out boards”. As a timid new employee three years ago, I was overwhelmed at the prospect of making a mistake or not being good enough. However, my fears were quickly squashed when my manager recognized me on the Shout-out board.

Shout-out boards are really very simple tools; just a whiteout board that stands up on an easel in a high profile area. Each week, a manager chooses a new staff member to recognize by writing an encouraging message such as “Noelle is an incredible instructor as she never gives up and perseveres when her campers get bored by creating new and engaging activities.”

These simple messages boost confidence and foster a feeling of pride and self-accomplishment. This ongoing recognition motivated me to work my way up to site manager this summer. Now I pay thanks forward by encouraging, motivating and handing out shout-outs to other instructors doing a fantastic job. This is just one example of a creative, cost-efficient, visible recognition tool that makes employees love coming to work.

Digital Shout-out Boards

Teamwork | We act as one team to create an amazing employee experience. Teamwork enables us to serve each other and our customers better.

Digital shout-out boards (also called a recognition newsfeed) are part of every recognition website CSI STARS customizes for clients. A recognition newsfeed works the same way as old-school boards but on a bigger scale by:

  • Publicly recognizing great work across the company
  • Allowing all employees, including remote workers, to see, Like and Comment on great work, birthdays and anniversaries
  • Improving communications and sharing best practices across locations

Click here to request a short Shout-out board demo.

Recognizing employees fosters an encouraging work environment employees want to return to year after year…so YOU can spend more time enjoying the weather.

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Author: Noelle Wakeman

Noelle WakemanNoelle Wakeman is a recent graduate of the University of Guelph. She has a passion for reading, writing and fundraising, raising over $150,000 for cancer research through her time on University of Guelph’s Relay for Life Committee. As a new grad entering the workforce her goal is to continue to grow and find a career that makes a difference in the world through the power of written word and speech.