Left and right brain unite!

Left and right brain unite!

In HR Technology, Recognition and Engagement by Lori McKnight

2019 Recognition Trends

Left and Right Brains Unite!

Business at its core has always been and will always be about People. While recognizing great work and loyalty is not a revolutionary new business concept (for most I hope), how leaders and peers recognize contributions has dramatically evolved over the past ten years.

Many of us at CSI STARS have seen this change first-hand. As a company with forty years of experience helping companies recognize their people, we’ve grown from a small watch studio into a global recognition partner with clients in 63 countries.

During this time, we’ve seen the recognition and rewards industry shift from a focus on years of service to a culture of ongoing recognition. Today’s modern workforce is demanding technology and social tools that allow more frequent and immediate recognition and that make rewarding performance easier than ever.

Here are two of the latest recognition and rewards trends we’ve noticed online and offline over the year.


Leaders view recognition platforms as a way to achieve their strategic goals.

Clients, of all sizes, are investing in recognition platforms to unite multiple, decentralized HR processes under one roof. Business leaders are seeing how linking recognition to safety, performance management, wellness, onboarding and incentive programs is providing employee insights and metrics that help achieve their strategic goals.

One accessible, inclusive and fun platform people want to use:

  • adds consistency across locations
  • enhances cross-functional communications
  • encourages feedback
  • gives managers simple, engaging tools that improve the employee experience

Great leaders recognize that encouraging soft skills produces hard data that correlates to better manager and employee performance. This also means #HRTech is finally giving more HR professionals a seat at the table.


“One-Size-Fits-All” Doesn’t Fit Anymore

We’ve seen the shift and our clients have noticed it as well.

A few office workers wish the young woman happy birthday

The one-size-fits-all efficiencies of the past have been replaced with an expectation of personalization both as a consumer and employee. Personal touches mean more now than ever. Symbolic awards, presentation packages and personalized tokens show you took the time – because your employees matter. These are the things that will keep people speaking highly of your company and stick with you longer.

High-tech and high-touch is what you’re aiming for.

In today’s “always on” digital world, companies that blend offline tools with human touches create workplace cultures and businesses with a competitive edge.

CSI STARS high-touch personable approach to recognition awards and client support is a major differentiator from other providers. To learn more about our high-tech, high-touch approach contact us today.

Author: Lori McKnight

Lori McKnightAs VP of Recognition for CSI STARS, everything I do is about promoting small acts of recognition inside and outside the workplace. Positive words, deeds and attitudes multiplied by many creates a culture where people want to work, where they refer their friends and put in their best efforts. It’s really that simple!My Creds: MBA, Certified Recognition Professional, Forbes Council Member and GO SHRM blog squad contributor. Prior to joining CSI STARS, I worked at Mercer Human Resource Consulting and was Account Director at Youthography, a youth market research consultancy.